A downloadable game for Windows

Nightmare Castle is an extended technical demonstration and a surreal adventure game from 2013-2014, built as a platform to test reduction and refinement of RPG Maker's VFX to PC-88 or early PC-98 standards. As such, the game uses 3-bit graphics at a resolution of 640x400.

Unlike Amihailu in Dreamland, the gameplay is a direct descendant of Yume Nikki.

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and run "game.exe" to play the game. The RTP for RPG Maker VX Ace is not required.


Nightmare Castle v3_1_0.zip 38 MB


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I think I finished it!

Wow 😲

This is really cool! The world is fun to explore, and I especially like the music. It is kind of confusing to navigate, but that's part of the charm of Yume Nikki-style games