New Update

I felt like adding a few little quality of life features and a small amount of extra content to School to make it feel a little more complete. Here's what's new:

  • Desktop "quit" icon — you can now quit by clicking the little door icon on the in-game desktop.
  • Character Select — If you don't like playing T. Vandross 3 times in a row or restarting the game until you get the character you want, now you can use the "swap" icon from the desktop to select the one you want to play
  • Extra music tracks — track 3 was changed, and a 4th track was added. MUS_PLAY.SGF's window is now a little larger to accomodate it
  • Additional project completion dialogs — All non-repeatable projects now have associated completion blurbs
  • Rebalanced project trees — In a slight rebalance for flavour, now D. Nail and T. Vandross are a bit more specialized in what projects they can actually do. Nail is now more IT-focused and Vandross is more focused on visual arts (but both can do level 1 projects)

I realize it's a little weird to have such a tiny update after a whole year, this is mostly because I haven't done much with games lately and hey, what could be better than a relaxing afternoon of adding a feature or two to an old project? Hope you enjoy it!

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Jun 19, 2021

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