A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's a student simulator featuring a windowed UI and a virtual desktop. The game randomly gives you one of two students, whose time is yours to manage until either you get expelled for nonattendance, or you graduate after 3 years of projects and study.

I did have to sacrifice some of my scope to make it in time for the jam with reasonable amounts of testing, but there are also things I didn't originally intend to add, such as both students having their own projects and events. Games and persistent data are not saved to disk, unlike with Citrus and some of my other games—it's pretty short.


  • [ESC] to open the Quit dialog
  • [F1] to lower music volume
  • [F2] to raise music volume
  • [F5] to toggle fullscreen
  • [SPACE] to pause/unpause the sim
  • [.] or [num+] to speed the simulation up
  • [,] or [num-] to slow the simulation down
  • The mouse is used for all other actions in the game! You can close the game by just closing the window.

Install instructions

ON WINDOWS: Simply download the zip, unzip it in your folder of choice, and run School.exe.

ON LINUX/MAC: You can run the windows version with wine, or you can install Love and download the .love in order to run it. This will work for windows users with Love 11.3, as well.


School.zip 3 MB
School.love 344 kB

Development log


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Virtual windows managers are a soft spot of mine, instructions were clear, balancing numbers was fun and easy, writing is quirky without being cryptic, music bops with not one nor two but three tracks!

Ахуенно я бы сказал


while there isn't a lot going on, it feels rly good to menu and move the windows around and stuff, while trying to understand the numbers


The numbers, what do they mean?? Im still trying to understand, myself