A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Renowned local Chef Citrus is tasked by his current private employer, Olivia, to collect interesting ingredients for dinner (and her food science experiments). Try to get a nice variety of high-quality ingredients and please miss Olivia!

Done for the 2020 olc::beatTheBoredom jam.


  • Z: Confirm/Search
  • X: Cancel
  • TAB: menu
  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • backtick/tilde: debug menu

Development Notes:

Due to the time constraints, some features that were intended originally (such as cooking and storage) did not make it into the game. However, two reward scenes featuring Olivia and Citrus are complete and unlockable by attaining scoring milestones.
This project represents several new techniques I've never employed before, such as procedural terrain, real-time pixel based movement, and home-rolled collision. Bugs should be expected, despite my best effort to squash as many of them as possible in the limited time frame.


Zesty Chef Citrus (Zipped windows EXE) 3 MB
Zesty Chef Citrus (Original .love) 293 kB

Install instructions

If you're on windows and don't have Love2D installed, download the zipped package. If you DO have love2D installed, download and run the .love file.


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Music and graphics are very good. I can see there's a lot of effort put into the story too.

Movement is a bit too slow for me, there's a big map and it was easier for me to just get the nearest ingredients to me. The last scene 'Orange marmalade?' didn't work for me. 

The water skates is a good addition, I was wondering how I'd get those spots in the sea.

Yep, unfortunately I left that poor scene incomplete and didn't have time to finish it up. The portrait assets for it are ready, but the writing itself didn't make it in before the deadline.

I agree that I should add some sort of speed boost in an update 😄


Assets and style looks sick!